• Some things that are important to everyone else that I really don’t understand or care about at all.

    There are so many things I care about. Here’s a list of shit that just doesn’t even really cross my radar:

    • HDTV – I just don’t care. It doesn’t really look that much different to me. The same things still happen. I don’t need to see every sweat droplet.
    • Aspect ratio – Most of the time, the aspect ratio on my television is fucked the fuck up. All of the time? I don’t even notice.
    • It took me AGES to get on board with this whole DVD craze. Why? Because I just don’t care. I can admit that DVDs are WAY more convenient, so I hopped on board, but the picture? I don’t even notice. You’re crazy if you think you’re going to get me to care about this Blue Ray nonsense.
    • 3-D ANYTHING. UGH. Make it STOP, please. Yes, it makes me all shouty. I hate it. It makes me feel vomitous. WHY? And now they want to make me watch TV in 3-D? NO THANK YOU. GET OUT OF MY FACE.
    • The state of Brad and Angelina. Or Katie and Tom. Or really…anyone who’s not me and Sandra Bullock (poor Sandy).
    • Whether or not President Obama likes sea shells. Or birthday cake. Or what he does in his spare time (unless it’s majorly illegal).
    • That any politician cheats on his or her husband or wife. Seriously, it’s not against the law and I just don’t care. Do your job. Don’t be an asshole. Your marriage is really none of my business. (Caveat: If you’re a man who has railed against homosexuality and then you get caught balls deep in some guy’s ass (or vice versa)? I want to hear about it because you’re despicable.)
    • Being the first one to have whatever new thing. Please, work out all the bugs first, then we’ll talk. I’m looking at you, Apple and Microsoft.
      • So there you have it, folks. I know, it’s been fun, right?


  1. You aren’t the only one. I don’t give a shit about any of that either! :)

  2. gingermandy says:

    heh, you said balls deep. i’m really not crazy with all the tech stuff either. i mean, i have noticed the significant difference between a normal screen and HD screen, but i don’t care about it at all. i was watching the news at my dads (he has a pretty big screen with HD) and it was literally awkward because i could see the pores of the news anchor and he looked really sweaty and greasy. because of that i’ll probably never get one (at least not a big one). i’d rather not see the holes of the botox injection received by the news ladies. in this day and age, i’m glad i decided to not do TV journalism.

    ok rant done, you realize we both sound like 90 year olds complaining about technology, right?

  3. jules says:

    And I have to say, for someone with migraines, that 3D stuff HAS to END!!!!

  4. You’re killing me, Smalls. With the first three, anyway. I agree with the rest.

  5. Elly Lou says:

    I’m with you bitches on the “End 3D NOW!” bandwagon. Unless it’s midget porn. That might be worth it and I’ll already be nauseous.

  6. confessor69 says:

    Me too on the 3D thing. Especially when you have to wear those stupid ugly glasses. I try to look decent when I go out (and so does the Husband) and those suckers don’t help the cause.

  7. The Civilian says:

    I don’t actually own a tv, so I’m with you on the whole TV/DVD thing. I like 3D stuff when it’s actually in 3D, but most of the movies that they do it to are stupid.

    I don’t care about celebrities either, but I found out that Christina Aguilera split up with her husband and that made me happy. I have a shot again!

  8. Rahul says:

    This cemented your status as “not a man”.

    not that there was any question, just saying…

    Um, gotta go.

  9. michelle says:

    finally, someone who agrees with me! i don’t understand the allure of HD or bluray. my boyfriend and i got in a dumb fight over HD because i don’t notice a difference, but he insisted we had to switch over to HD. i just wanna watch true blood; i don’t care to count jessica’s freckles :p

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