• While we’re on the subject of creepsters…

    I refer you to yesterday’s gripe about dudes. And yes, I know that not all dudes are bad. As Rahul happily pointed out, these creepsters are just making the rest of you look good! Right?

    Anyway, in light of my gripe yesterday, I thought I should let you all know (as though you’re interested) what happened TODAY:

    I went to Subway, where I ate lunch. Then as I was walking back to the office, across the parking lot, this dude behind me said, “Excuse me, ma’am?”

    So I turned around and said, “Yes?”

    And he said, “Are you single?”

    I rolled my eyes and said, “NO.”

    “Are you in a relationship?” (Because I suppose it’s possible to be both not single and not in a relationship?)

    At this point, I had just turned around and started walking away, but I was almost to my office. I said, “Yeah.”

    He said, “Excuse me?”

    I said, “YEAH.”

    He said, “Well, your husband or whatever is lucky because that is one fine ass you got on you.”

    I mean, not that I don’t appreciate the compliment to my ass, I guess. But c’mon. REALLY? And now that asshat knows where I work.


  1. gingermandy says:

    today i was walking downtown and a dude told me i am beautiful and have a beautiful complexion, so i was like thanks…. and he asked if i was single so obviously i just said no, then he goes “well i just got my teeth pulled and that’s why i’m talking funny if that’s what’s scaring you away.” yea dude, THAT, among many things, is what is making me feel really awkward right now.

  2. Mary says:

    I have an entire notebook full of stories like these. What is WRONG with people?!

  3. LePorkstar says:

    Well I have seen this happen. I have never done such crap myself and not sure how some dudes muster up the courage to say such retarded bs.

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