• Loving my face off…without makeup.

    A while back, there was a blogger who started some “Bloggers without makeup” thing. I meant to participate, I really did. Now I can’t even remember who it was. I promise to look it up later.

    I really started thinking about it, though. This whole makeup thing…what’s the point? To enhance my beauty? That just doesn’t seem fair to the other women around me. I am dead sexy. To cover my flaws? I kind of like my flaws. Those flaws are what make me so very me.

    So…I stopped wearing makeup. Almost entirely. In the last three months or so, I think I’ve worn makeup about three times. In the interest of full disclosure, I wasn’t a huge makeup wearer anyway. I’ve never been able to stand foundation on my face and I don’t even understand eyeliner. I’m a simple girl.

    I do like to get all gussied up (shut your whore mouth, I live in Texas, where we say things like “gussied”), and put on some makeup and a pretty dress and heels. Day in and day out, though, I am purely a creature of comfort. Why then, was I bothering to put all this junk on my face?

    Goal: Learn to love my face, without any makeup at all.

    Result: After three months, I can tell you guys that I truly love my face. I can now officially look at it in the mirror and not think I look tired or sick, simply from a lack of mascara or blush. I like my eyes and my smile. I wish I had a bit more color in my cheeks, but it’s nothing terribly important. I’ll just have to do something fun to get a flush, right?

    I still feel a little weird when I’m out without any makeup on. Mostly because everyone else is wearing makeup. I’m starting to realize, though, that really, no one notices but me. The difference between mascara and no mascara? That’s pretty much all in my head. No one else cares how long my eyelashes are.

    Now, I don’t even love my made up face in pictures. The fact that I’m posting a picture of myself without any makeup at all is a HUGE step forward. And here it is:


  1. Stacey says:

    I stopped wearing makeup on a daily basis years ago. I wish I could say it was because of some noble reason. The truth? I’m lazy and I like to sleep as late as possible. Skipping the makeup ritual saves me 10 minutes in the mornings. The only time I bother with makeup now is if we’re going out somewhere fairly nice that requires me to dress up a little as well.

    Like you, I love my naked face. The only person I have to impress or make feel good is myself. I’ve got that covered without covering my face in makeup.

  2. Renee says:

    well bravo! rounds and rounds of *claps* – and not “the clap” – no ma’am.

    Also, i didn’t bat an eye at “gussied” until your parenthetical aside.

    I’m awesome.

    but you’re awesomer for not wearing makeup and loving your face.

    I do not love my face. it’s all splotchy! i hate the splotch! At the VERY LEAST (which is just about every day) i put on a light foundation – usually a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and blush. i’m good with that.

    • shine says:

      I’m just going to put this out there. I bet you’re the only one who notices the splotchy stuff.

  3. lbluca77 says:

    I like wearing make up. I think its fun. My “work” face and my “going out” face are two different things though. For work its much more simple makeup. I’m a big fan of MAC eye shadow and I love mascara but I don’t mind my face without make up. I’m not the kind of girl that can’t leave the house unless she has make up on, but I feel less frumpy when I have makeup on. For me it’s like the way you feel when wearing a pair of sweats out opposed to a cute dress.

    • shine says:

      Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all. I just wanted to see if I could start to like my face without it.

  4. Jenny says:

    I love my face without make-up, but equally I do love make up once in a while. I think there’s nothing wrong with make-up, but equally that it’s not fair that the world makes me feel like a frump when I happen to have not blow-dried my hair and put on mascara and so on. I already feel like enough of a nerd too much of the time anyway, and nerd is one thing I am not. Ergh. There was a brilliant few months a while back when I genuinely loved myself and thought I was literally the most good-looking thing ever. God knows what happened… basically, this whole subject makes me a bit cross. Good post.

    • shine says:

      There’s nothing wrong with it. Unless it’s horrifying. I hate that I’m supposed to wear it, though, so damn it I’m going to like myself without it!

      • Jenny says:

        Good for you :).

        My skin is going through a really bad phase at the moment. It’s like elderly cancer patient bad, I do’nt knwo what’s going on. So I’m just a bit, hellow foundation, at the moment. At least when I go out.

        And you look great without it! Though this isn’t fair since I’ve no idea waht you look like with it, either.

  5. I think you look fine. Bravo. I’ve pretty much given it up too. When I was about 14, I decided to dress up as a girl for Halloween. My mother put me in one of her dresses, a pretty convincing wig, and then did my makeup. I went across the street with my trick or treat bag, and…the neighbors didn’t recognize me and thought I was just a girl who didn’t have a costume. Never again, I vowed. Never again….

  6. I never wear makeup unless it’s a gussying up occasion either. And then I rub my eyes and scratch my skin like it’s covered in ticks.

    So, yeah, I get the joy of no makeup thing.

  7. Sean says:

    I wish more women took after you Shine and gave up the makeup. Given a choice between a woman with and a woman without makeup, I’ll take without any day. Since my wife and I have been together, she’s worn makeup twice, ever. The first time was for our first date 12 years ago – she was trying to “impress”, which was unnecessary. The second time was 20 months later for our wedding. Both times she had to borrow it from someone since she had none of her own – and they had to apply it too.

    Like I said, I wish more women stopped hiding their “real selves” behind the makeup. They are all much more beautiful without.

    • shine says:

      I don’t think it’s always about hiding. I do think, though, that we’ve been conditioned to think that we need it and we’re supposed to wear it.

  8. I was actually having the make-up conversation with a couple (female) friends of mine and I blurted out that I don’t really care if my girlfriend wears make-up or not, she’s beautiful either way, and I got two types of looks: a “awwww, that’s so sweet” look, and a “damn you” sort of look. But honestly, who says that women have to put all this stuff on their face? To be fair, if women have to wear, men should have to, and sorry, but that stuff ain’t touching MY face!

    • shine says:

      Yeah, let’s not start that trend. Well, I suppose someone else already started it. Let’s not encourage it? I don’t really have any use for a man in makeup. Unless he just really wants to wear it.

  9. fitness girl says:

    You can see the true beauty of person without makeup..anyway its up to us to wear or not.But i like to see myself with makeup,,hahaha.

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