• The Disclaimer

    Having to write a disclaimer in every. single. post. is really exhausting me. And it’s seriously limiting my snarking abilities. So here’s the disclaimer. It will have its own page forever. Any time you’re feeling like pitching a fit about one of my blogs, please read this and see if it helps.

    Also, I’m always open to a difference of opinion, but if I feel like you just took what I said and twisted it around or made it personal when it wasn’t in any way intended to be, I’m probably going to think less of you when you whine at me about what I’ve said. Because really…this is a blog. A BLOG.

    Okay, here goes. The Disclaimer:

    • I’m probably not talking about you. Sure, I might be talking about some aspect of you, but unless I call you by name (or some nickname), it’s more likely that I’m talking about a conglomeration of several, if not many, people. Don’t take it personally.
    • If I’m making a general statement, please take it as such. Individuals are not included. I completely understand that not everyone thinks the same way about everyone, that groups are different from individual people, and that YOU (or your dad or your or mom or your dog or your crazy Uncle Bob) probably aren’t included in the group I’m talking about, okay? But the thing is, if I have to explain this every time I express a general opinion, my point sort of gets muddled. People use generalizations to make a point all the time. Get over it.
    • I rarely think or speak in absolutes. Having said that, sometimes it’s a little trying to have to qualify every. single. statement. So maybe give me a break, eh?
    • I actually do try to be fair. However, I’m not perfect and sometimes I get angry/irritated/unnecessarily annoyed by people or things. When I want to have a rant? This is my blog and I’m going to have one. It might be about children, it might be about kittens, it might be about men, it might be about women, it might be about patriotism or education or double standards. It’s my prerogative, because it’s my blog. You want to have it your way? Write about it on your own blog.
    • I write about things I notice in everyday life, as a general rule. Just because I’ve written about something, though, it doesn’t mean it happened yesterday. It could have happened any time or anywhere. There are many things that I can’t and won’t write about right away. Sometimes I write about them right away and then wait to post them until I’m ready. Again, it’s my blog and my prerogative. Don’t assume that because what I wrote about today sounds like something you did yesterday, that it’s about you. See the first bullet point. Believe it or not, none of us are unique snowflakes and human nature is human nature. Chances are if you’ve done it, someone else has also done it.
    • I don’t generally make things up for my blog. In order to make things a little more interesting, though, sometimes I might exaggerate the details a little. Or I might add some extra snark in for entertainment value. It’s a BLOG, people, not the encyclopedia.
    • I think that about covers it, but I may come back and update it in the future. I’m considering having this be the home page of my blog, so everyone will be forced to read this before they read anything else.